Spray dryer, tank & silo crack testing helps to eliminate any sources of microbial contamination which may lead to product spoilage or transmission of diseases.

Accutest International leads the field in this activity and has a wealth of experience in the food, dairy, brewing and pharmaceutical industries.

Our 100% reliable method and specialist use of fluorescent, food safe & nontoxic biodegradable liquid penetrant is the most reliable for this important internal inspection and we ensure that production downtime is minimal, whilst ensuring our clients’ audit requirements are met. Our spray dryer, tank & silo crack testing & inspection service is also the perfect solution for routine examination of cyclones, fluid beds & bag filters.

Furthermore, our state of the art inspection platform has many advantages over traditional scaffolding methods:

  • No risk of splinters or debris from wooden planks
  • No blind spots below scaffold pole supports which have not been tested
  • Less downtime
  • Significant cost savings

Benefits of crack testing & inspection with fluorescent liquid penetrant –

The image here shows the benefit of crack testing spray dryers, tanks & silos using our food safe, non toxic and biodegradable fluorescent liquid penetrant. It clearly shows micro-porosity in parent material, not welds, thus reinforcing the need for 100% coverage when carrying out these inspections.

Quality control check on our dye penetrant, using test block with ultra fine cracks –

We carry out regular quality control checks on the effectiveness of our food safe fluorescent liquid penetrant using an aluminium comparator block with ultra fine cracks. As can be seen in the picture, the results are extremely revealing and show cracks that otherwise would not be seen. Drag the slider below to see the differences.

dye penetrant test block 1 dye penetrant test block after 2

Spray ball inspection –

During routine inspection of tanks & silo’s for integrity/cracks we always check the spray balls as an additional service for our customers, sometimes even we are surprised what we find.


Health & Safety

Spray dryer, tank & silo crack testing & inspection is an important test for you and likewise Health & Safety is important to us. We always maintain the highest safety standards whilst working in and around your plant and our operatives are confined entry and first aid trained. Risk assessments & method statements are available and all relevant insurances are in place. We are also Safe Contractor approved, having renewed our accreditation for 2020/21

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