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As well as Bollardscan, our method used for testing the integrity of marine bollards, Accutest International can also carry checks and inspection of mooring rings, cleats, hooks etc. on behalf of harbours, ports, marinas etc. to satisfy the requirements of insurers.

The increase in litigation cases across all walks of life mean that even in the serene world of boating, whether that be powerboats, sailboats or man-powered vessels, care must be taken to ensure that the mooring arrangements available in the safe haven being offered must be in serviceable and useable condition and meet the requirements demanded by insurers.

At Accutest we carry out checks and inspection on the condition of the mooring arrangements.

Not a load test, our cost effective and easy check would include:

  • Checking the condition of the staple or other mount fitment into the wall (corrosion, condition of wall material, tightness of fitting, general condition)
  • Checking the condition of the mooring ring (corrosion, comparative thickness of ring contact points, general condition)
  • Our report would include a summary of the condition, with colour coded rating, a photograph of each mooring ring and its ID reference.
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