Heat Exchanger Testing is an important procedure for the early detection of internal leaks inside the equipment. If not found in good time, the product can become contaminated and spoilt, leading to waste, unnecessary expense and potential damage to reputation.

Accutest International has a wealth of experience of Integrity Testing in the Food, Dairy, Brewing and Pharmaceutical industries. Our Heat Exchanger and Pasteuriser Testing service is the perfect solution for routine examination and crack testing of plate and tubular heat exchangers. Our method and specialist use of Helium gas ensures that production downtime is minimal, whilst ensuring your audit requirements are met.

Our testing methods

For the thorough and definitive testing of plate & tubular heat exchangers, Accutest International has developed and protected its own unique non-destructive testing method utilising Helium gas. Having the smallest atom size in its gaseous state and being easily detectable, Helium is able to find pin holes and cracks that other testing would not show up. The advantage this gives is that it finds small through holes before they become problematic, enabling preventative planned maintenance to be scheduled with minimum production disturbance. Helium is also safely dispersed, leaves no residue and flows freely through retained water, which allows tests to be carried out quickly and cost-effectively.

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Tubular Heat Exchanger

Gas Leak Detection Has Evolved….

Introducing the NEXT GENERATION of inspection and detection that surpasses current heat exchanger inspection methods in the DAIRY, BEVERAGE AND LIQUID FOOD industries.
Our system (Patent Pending) utilises an innovative HELIUM/NITROGEN GAS MIX plus DYNAMIC FLOW in both the detection and contamination circuits and a VACUUM to improve results.