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Often referred to as DPI or LPI, we offer dye penetrant testing to many industries on a vast array of equipment and parts.

Generally, dye penetrant testing is used on non ferrous materials such as stainless steel, or aluminium but can be used on many other materials such as ceramics and some plastics.

We can offer both fluorescent and colour contrast methods.

Within the food industry we specialise in the inspection of product handling tanks, silo’s and vats. Many other methods have been tried or offered but we have found that dye penetrant is still the only method that is 100% reliable for the inspection of large vessels, not only just inspecting the welds but 100% of the inner surface, including all parent material.

We only use a water washable food safe Fluorescent Dye Penetrant for the food industry meaning complete peace of mind for our clients.

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Quality control check on our dye penetrant, using test block with ultra fine cracks –

We carry out regular quality control checks on the effectiveness of our food safe fluorescent liquid penetrant using an aluminium comparator block with ultra fine cracks. As can be seen in the picture, the results are extremely revealing and show cracks that otherwise would not be seen. Drag the slider below to see the differences.

dye penetrant test block 1 dye penetrant test block after 2