Accutest International undertake the survey of domestic properties utilising unmanned aerial vehicles. Surveying by drone is an extremely cost effective survey and inspection method, particularly where access is limited. Accutest International specialises in the inspection of chimney stacks (and flashing), roof surveys and wider property inspections.


Roof inspection

We provide our clients with a comprehensive roof inspection service. Our drone surveys includes detailed photographs of all flat and pitched roof areas including eaves and gutters.

Insurance claims

We also get involved with insurance claims for faulty workmanship or warranties claims and we carry out inspections after storms where damage to the roof – or building structure – is suspected.

Listed buildings and ancient structures

Drones offer a cheaper and more effective way of inspecting for damage or for carrying out conditions surveys as older buildings may be very sensitive to physical inspection or be structurally unsound.

Aerial Photography

Accutest International provide owners with high resolution aerial photography and videos for their residential properties or farmlands. These videos and photographs capture the scale of the property, land, gardens and surrounding areas that might not be possible due to access issues.

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