Please contact Accutest International for all of your non-destructive testing, drone inspection and survey requirements. We’re situated in Bridgwater, Somerset, and provide commercial, industrial and domestic inspection services to a variety of sectors and industries across the South West of England. For more information, please contact using the telephone number or email address below. Alternatively, you can use our simple online form.

Contact information

Please contact us for any queries regarding our drone survey and non-destructive testing services. We look forward to discussing your project.

Tel: +44 (0)1278 489 797
Mobile (Tom): +44 (0)7484 778 646
Mobile (Neil): +44 (0)7367 578 232

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Booking Procedure: Drone Inspections

At the time of enquiry, we will carry out an initial feasibility review of the project to determine the feasibility. We will establish a scope of services required based on your site or sites and issue a formal proposal.

Once the scope and fees have been agreed we will carry out a site desktop survey and a preliminary risk assessment.  We will then issue landowner permission forms to be completed prior to the job being given a live status. Once permission forms have been received, we’ll agree provisional dates for carrying out the work based on the client’s preferred dates and on assessment of forecast weather conditions – if applicable. If the weather conditions do not look favourable, we may suggest alternative dates or times. We will continue to monitor weather conditions in the days before the scheduled operations and will advise of alternative dates if necessary.

On the day…

When Accutest International arrive on site, we’ll meet with the client – or an authorised representative – and carry out a site walk around to discuss the brief to determine any key requirements and objectives of the project.

It is the responsibility of the Pilot in Charge (PIC) to ensure that the take-off and landing sites are safe and that the weather conditions are suitable for aerial operations. During the flight operations the client may join the crew at the discretion of the PIC. The operation may involve frequent landings for setting up shots and for battery changes and constant vigilance needs to be maintained for potential hazards or changing weather conditions. Once the operation has been completed, the PIC will agree with the client that all of the required footage has been obtained. If additional footage is requested then the PIC will determine whether it can be obtained within the window of operations or prevailing conditions.