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The BollardScanTM is a unique way of marine mooring bollard testing to establish the reliability of the mooring bollard and its foundation and whether it still meets the design requirements of the structure. The methodology that was developed in-house is based on the transmission of vibration and sound through the structure allowing us to pinpoint any errors.

Our summary below highlights the importance of bollard inspection and the potential consequences of neglecting it.


  • A large portion (80%) of bollards are aging (over 60 years old).
  • Exposure to harsh environments (quayside) leads to corrosion and metal fatigue.
  • Bollard failure can be catastrophic.

Consequences of Failure:

  • Damage from a loose chain or bollard impacting a ship.
  • Unmoored ship colliding with other vessels or infrastructure.


  • Accutest International offers non-destructive testing for bollard evaluation.
  • This testing provides data to assess the condition and guide maintenance or replacement decisions.
  • The benefits of non-destructive testing compared to traditional methods (less time-consuming, no damage to the bollard).

We offer:

• New, non-destructive technology
• Fully trained operators
• Informative and clear management reports
• Approved by Lloyd’s Register
• Major clients worldwide

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Accutest International are an approved BollardScan partner – working with ports in Southern and South West of England and South Wales. The non-destructive test method used to test ageing quayside bollards in an efficient manner, means minimal impact to daily operations.